Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Finish Friday

It's been one of those weeks, hence no posts between last week and now. But plenty of pics have been taken, and this week, it's all about the scenery. I'm privileged to have a job that takes me travelling all over the countryside, within about a 250km radius from my home. I live in a beautiful part of the country, and I try to soak it all in at every opportunity. Sit back grab a cuppa and enjoy.

Morning sunshine

The start to my day

Winter Knitty and coffee on a 38deg day

Potato bounty from the garden

Margarita goodness

Cake for the little kid

Divine custard tarts a la Jamie

The view on my way to work on Monday

On the road on Tuesday

Birds on a wire

God's glory at the end of a trying day


  1. Wow....that sunset is amazing. Your view going into work is way better than mine...and most I others would say. Enjoy your weekend! Nice to meet you.
    :) Jen

  2. LOVE those sunsets! I also love the birds on a wire. Have a good weekend!!

  3. hey there is no photo of the best thing that happened to you on monday...seeing me!!! :)

  4. Wow! Beautiful locations and flying to work? Awesome.
    Love the sitting in the sun pic. Visiting from InstaFriday.