Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sara over at Gitz has started YOU:create, with Thursdays being the day she'll post her creations and encourage us all to share ours. Last week, I created this blog, and the LO I uploaded. This week, it's another LO, celebrating the friendships I have with a couple of very special girls in my life :-) I created this LO for the challenges we have up at Scrap of Faith, and between YOU:create and the SoF challenges, my creativity has been reignited, and I'm loving it :-)


  1. Beautiful work!!! I love the stitching. I'm always afraid to do stitching on my pages because I've never done it! Someday I'll just have to bite the bullet and do it!

  2. So pretty! I love the button embellishment and the script at the bottom.

  3. I'm with Mandy... there is something about stitching on a page that just adds depth. Did you crochet the little flower, too? I'm going to be super impressed if you did...

  4. very very cute. i love the flower and the words at the bottom as well :)

  5. is this a scrapbook page? not familiar with the abbreviation LO...

    really like this!

  6. Aw, thank you ladies, I'm blushing now!!!
    Mandy, have a practice on a scrap piece of paper or cardstock, to get the 'feel' of sewing on paper. I was hesitant at first, but now I love it, and do very few pages without stitching!! I never aim for it to be neat, either, I like the more random effect.
    Sara, I didn't crochet that flower, but I do have a pattern that I intend to try very soon for just the same thing, wee little flowers for embellishing my paper craft work, and also for some headbands and clips for the little girls in my life :-)
    Bahava, the 'love one another' inscription is from John 14:34-35, it's the scripture this month's challenge is based on at Scrap of Faith, a Christian crafting forum I'm on the design team for here in Australia. Visit us at and pop on over to the forum to say hi :-)
    Jenn, LO is layout, which is what scrapbook pages are often called :-)
    Thanks again for the comments, I love sharing these talents God has blessed me with with the world!!!

  7. Great job! I love stitching on paper, too! And so glad that your creativity has been reignited! :)

    Oh, and thanks for explaining what LO is...I am not cool like that! LOL :)