Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Potential superhero????

One of the symptoms of my arthritis is a condition called dactylitis, also known as 'sausage digits', basically meaning swollen fingers and toes. I've got a couple of misshapen toes after a 'run' of dactylitis, and now the first finger (left index finger) has joined the party.

From Drop Box

With all these bodily swellings going on, and after seeing a cartoon featuring the Hulk on ABC3 last night, I started to ponder - maybe there's a superhero inside me trying to get out, lol?!?!? It's just taking a *really* long time!!!! *Sigh*, I wish that were so, but my body's recent misbehaviours means a trip back to the GP on Friday, and more assessments. And it also means no running, for now anyway :-(

This would be another reason why I am *so* grateful to have a Thermomix in my house, it's really reduced the amount of food prep I have to do, saving my poor hands at the moment. And it's still all Thermomixing, all the time around here!!!

July 29th
- almond cake (gluten free)

July 30th
- Jude Blereua's 'Echidnas'
- Butter Chicken and rice (from 'Everyday Cooking')
- chocolate custard

July 31st
- coffee (latte - cup of milk, scoop of ground coffee, 7 minutes at 70deg on speed 4)

August 1st
- coffee
- rice for leftover Butter Chicken

August 2nd
- coffee
- mashed potatoes (soooooo gooood!!!!)

August 3rd
- coffee

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