Sunday, January 1, 2012

Where to now??

So, the verdict is in. No more running for me. My physio and podiatrist effectively said I'd be stupid to consider continuing to run (only they said it much mroe nicely), and the arthritis has affected my feet to the point where I limp and hobble around more so than walk normally. But, I can still walk, and I know this will pass eventually, so for now I'm trying to work out how to exercise without involving weight/pressure on my feet. Swimming is the obvious answer, and I'll be taking the plunge (pardon the pun!!) tomorrow.

As I've mentioned previously, the downturn in my health has made me really think about what I eat, wht I'm putting into my body and I'm aiming for as wholefoods and organic a diet and lifestyle as possible. I've switched to Dominant household cleaning products, and so far so good, the scents don't bother me, and the products last for aaaaages. I've also been buying organic food as often as possible, which is made much easier with the opening of an organic grocery store in our town recently.

This is an area where I have a constant internal tug-of-war. I firmly believe that organic food is what is best for us to eat, as it is free from the chemicals that have pervaded our food over many years. I also believe that the less chemicals I have in my life, be it what I eat or clean my home with, the better that is for dealing with a chronic auto-immune disease. The struggle comes in that the cost of organic food is higher than non-organic, and while I believe that this cost is very reasonable and should be paid, I have a tight budget when it comes to food, and I try to make it stretch as far as possible. I buy organic fruit and veg from my friend who owns the local store and delivery business, and flatly refuse to buy from the supermarket. I buy tinned and packaged organic produce as I can afford it, but I do often have to go with a non-organic option due to finances. I would rather be a 100% organic household, but until the cost of organic food drops (which I hope it will as the consumer demands more organic volume available in the marketplace), that won't happen, and I have to weigh up my priorities.

Part of working towards this goal (an organic and wholefood diet and lifestyle), I have resurrected my veggie garden this year. I don't have as much planted now as I had hoped to, but I do have a thriving garden, and I'm slowly working my way through 'deep cleaning' my backyward, and transforming it into a beautiful area that will supply as much of my food needs as it can. This season we have tomatoes (20+ plants and counting, about 7-8 varieties), lebanese cucumbers, mini capsicums, eggplant, potatoes, silverbeet, beetroot, carrots, corn, lettuce and I've finally established a herb garden. There's actually more planted than I thought there was!! I believe that I have plenty of space to provide us with varied, seasonal produce (and therein lies the key, eating food that's in season, but that's a post for another day), it will just take planning and effort on my part. Growing as much of our own food as we can will reduce the impact of our consumption on the environment, I'll know how it's grown, and what chemicals aren't used, and I only have to walk out my back door to get it, not get in the car and drive to the shops. To top it all off, I love pottering around outside, taking in what's growing around me, what's come from a tiny seed, and I never fail to delight in seeing those tiny green seedlings poking through the soil that become big, beautiful plants that produce food that we eat. I'm going to set myself a goal each year in the garden - this year it's to harvest enough tomatoes for me to preserve to last us for the year, so I don't have to buy tinned tomatoes. I'll be recording the progress here, so far it's all on track!

Lots going on in my head as to what I want to achieve this year, much of it involving things around the house. I had the carpet pulled up a couple of weeks ago, and I'll sand and paint the floorboards.

Before (looks like the 70's vomited all over the floor!!!)

After (even the bare floorboards are sooo much better!)

The boards are in great condition, they just need sanding and then I'll paint them an off-white colour. In keeping with my low chemical impact ideals, I've found a paint that is no VOC (Volatile Organic Compunds), ecolour is a range of water based, non-toxic paint :

'The ecolour technology is an Australian invention that turns recycled and re-refined waste engine oil into a water based paint. Australia collects and recycles over 300 million litres of waste oil annually, 80% of which is currently used as a dirty burner fuel producing high carbon emissions. The oil acts as a preservative and provides durability, superior coverage and smooth application qualities to the paint. ecolour is committed to making a real and positive change to the environment and our sustainable paint solutions are leading the way for a brighter future.'

So excited to have found a local supplier as well!! The carpet hasn't been the only thing to go - after a random converstaion with some visiting girlfriends the other day, the mantlepiece and built in corner bookcase in the loungeroom is gone too!!



Next to go will be the tiles around the fireplace, just not sure yet what to replace them with (I'd like to move the fireplace and cut out half the wall, but that's another post entirely!!) It's all a start anyway, I have much to learn about DIY, but it's going to be a fun ride along the way :-)


  1. Wow! House looks brilliant. Good luck with aspirations

  2. awesome, you like to paint your floors white too. Who's your supplier Ali?

    PS: glad I found you again!!!