Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photo Finish Friday (The Late Edition)

This past fortnight has defined 'challenging' for me, and it's been a real struggle to focus on being intentional, when it feels like all I can manage is to survive the demands of life one day at a time. Hence why I was asleep on the couch by about 9:15 last night, and it's taken me until now to get to post Photo Finish Friday. Given that my motto this year is is 'done is better than perfect', here's the week in review, albeit a day late!

My Sunday afternoon 'time out' - cups of tea in my favourite teacup, gifted homemade goodies, and a book. Pure bliss.

Monday lunch in the sunshine, looking out to sea.

The landscape I am growing to love more the longer I live in this beautiful country of mine.

Gum trees and vineyards.

The result of today's tidying efforts - a crafting area I can actually get in to.

The last couple of weeks have seen me having to field a few unexpected curve balls in my life, none resulting in tragedy but causing enough stress that I feel like I'm losing the grip I thought I was just starting to regain on getting my life into some semblance of order. It's times like this I realise that any perceived sense of control I have over my life is only that - a perception, an illusion, not a reality, because the reality is, I truly have no idea what any given day is going to bring. I think I know what I'm going to have to do, have to deal with - work, school, kids etc, and or the most part, that happens. But when events involving other people occur that are completely out of my control, but that I become intimiately entwined with by virtue of my existence, I realise that I have nothing to bring to the table, that there is nothing I can do to 'fix' anything, to change anything, and at times to help anything, or anyone.

I can't do anything.

The only thing I can do is to continue to breathe, and to surrender the desire to control the situation, the desire to fix things to my God who is bigger than anything I have to face. Never has that been more of a sobering reality than the last couple of weeks, and knowing that is the only thing that has prevented me from curling up in the foetal position some days.

The photo post each week isn't meant to be the deep and meaningful one. Guess it's just been one of those weeks. We'll resume normal scheduling next Friday, I plan to be back in a few days to talk about family. If there's one thing that this last couple of weeks has taught me, it's that sometimes you can't live with them, but you can never live without them.


  1. Oh no, it sounds like you are going through a rough time right now. I hope what os right for you and your family eventuates. talk of my photos being Australian, well what about the gums and vineyards? They're stunning and oh so Aussie.

    Love your craft room. You're lucky to have a room like that.

  2. miss you and you know that I am always "a phone call away" for a chat and debrief if you need one :) xxx looking forward to our next shared cuppa and late night xxx love you :)

  3. I love your teapot! So cute! :)

    Beautiful country photos too, I'm in NZ. :)

  4. The "gum trees and vineyards" picture is my favorite, so pretty!