Monday, February 13, 2012

What's important to me. The list.

It's actually not that long.

Learning and sharing knowledge

That's about it. In that order. Those three elements of my life make up what I love, what inspires me, what drives me crazy, and what I couldn't live without. I've been pondering this subject for the last few weeks, since I started to really evaluate what's important in my life, and ultimately it boils down to those three things.

God is first and foremost in my life, He is where my foundation is, He what I stand on, and some days He is the only reason I can keep breathing, let alone anything else. His love for me, and the faith I have in Him, encompasses everything in my life, and my life would be a whole lot more chaotic and messy than it already is if I didn't have Him to ground myself in.

And family? My family is made up of those biologically related to me (who have to live with me whether they like it or not), and close friends who actually *choose* to be in my life (and vice versa). These people are the warp and weft in the fabric of my life - sometimes it's nice and smooth, and pretty wrinkle-free, other times it's crumpled and torn and ragged around the edges. But somehow, the people in my life keep the fabric intact, whatever state it's in, and it's because of that that they are so important to me. I work to provide for my kids (the fact that I actually like working is a bonus), I invest the time and energy into the various relationships I have because without them I wouldn't have much of a life, and I hope and dream and make plans and goals because I want to do what I can to live the best life I can with the people I love.

I suppose that's where the learning and sharing knowledge comes in, learning is a life-long experience, and I believe there's no point in learning if you're not going to pass on that knowledge. I delight in something 'new' to me, and I invest copious amounts of time into finding out everything I can about whatever that is (my best friend once said that she knew when I had a new interest because I'd managed to find a magazine on the subject at hand). But we also need to keep learning about that which is familiar to us - about ourselves, the people around us, the world we live in, the jobs we do.

Those three things are all intertwined, always, there isn't one without the other. As I become more and more aware of this, I'm analysing and identifying what it is that drives me at any given point in my life, and it's quite an interesting journey so far! Within these priorities, I'm seeing the 'sub-headings' of what's important, e.g for my family, at the moment I'm focusing on implementing and maintaining as healthy a lifestyle as I can, so I'm researching and learning more about various aspects of that (i.e. food, simple living etc). This is what the focus of my blog will be, the journey through all this - my relationship with and life in God, my family, and what I'm learning along the way. It will be interesting to see what's in store, and I hope you'll share the adventure with me.

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