Thursday, July 5, 2012

The art of letting go

(Artist - Michael Leunig)

Letting go.

I'm good at writing about it.

I'm good at thinking about it.

I'm good at talking about it.

I'm not so good at doing it.

I know I hang on to 'stuff' in my life that I don't need to, that isn't helping me live the best life I can, but it's familiar, and there's comfort in familiarity, and predictability.

Bad habits.

Past hurts and condemnations.

'Stuff' (physical and emotional) that I think I need, but really I don't.

The sense of feeling that I'm not good enough.

The fear of failing.

The picture above comes from a calendar that the awesome Michael Leunig releases through a major Australian newspaper each year.  It sits above my desk where I've started working again, and it's been the catalyst of my journey in letting go.  I haven't fully embraced the journey yet (that whole fear of failing thing), but I'm stepping out in faith, and trusting that God will take my hand and lead the way.

Someone told me once that I could write a book about my life experiences.  Maybe I will........


  1. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit, feels like eternity to break one!

  2. watch hoarders!! That makes me let go of "stuff" hehe