Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Starting again.


Today’s a new day.  

Beautiful, clean, fresh, kissed by sunshine.

I can choose to embrace it, to drink in the enormity of possibility, to delight in everything that comes across my path.

Or I can choose to shrug on the cloak of fear as I usually do, to look ahead with eyes that expect failure, a heart that fears the unknown.

I’m tired of that.  The cloak is heavy and stifling, and full of despair.

I want to live in the freedom that Christ holds out to me, to grab it with my whole self and just run.

Just run.

Soak in the beauty and wonder that is the world around me, love on the people I live amongst as Christ loves them, experience life as it was intended.

I choose freedom.

I choose life.

I choose Love.

Today and every day I am blessed with ahead of me.

Will you share the journey with me?

 (image from  http://www.fkoff.com/store/item_3493916/pagetitle_Woman-Running-on-Beach-at-Sunrise/index.html)

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